Anonymous asked: So why aren't you giving out the URL for ur political blog if it's an anon asking?

For reasons.

Anyone who has messaged me non-anonymously has received the new URL.

Anonymous asked: Is this a different blog than your political one? I'm confused. :/

Yes. It’s my personal blog. I switched URLs.

Going to try to tone up a bit for summer.

Nothing major. I’m thinking I’ll just start incorporating a lot more fruits/veggies and lean protein. (Less pasta, more nature.) And yoga/toning exercises every day. Obviously. Otherwise not much toning would happen!

I wish I had money for groceries right now… I wanna buy the entire produce section of the supermarket.

Who wants to do this with me?! Anybody? Just me? Okay then…

Question:┬áDo y’all want me to post recipes or anything like that? I mean, I’m planning on snapping pictures of my food and whatnot; but if you want the recipe to go along with it, I’m more than happy to post them as well.